Before I start blogging all of 2012's weddings {yes, that means I've not yet blogged any!} I thought I'd share what is most definitely my favorite wedding from last summer. Micah and Kalila's wedding bash felt like one of those family BBQs that you go too every summer that you just do not want to ever end! Between the corn on the cob and the hot dogs and the catching up with friends you haven't seen since the year before... Micah and Kalila's wedding was literally formed on the idea of yet another epic family BBQ right down to swing dancing late into the night with only the moonlight as illumination. Of course for this 'BBQ' the guest count was way more then 20 or 30 family and friends, let's try more like 300!

Micah and Kalila kept their wedding 100% true to themselves all the way down to Kalila prancing around barefoot almost all day; even down the aisle! When I asked her prior to the big day how she would describe the celebration they were planning she mentioned how they wanted to have an eclectic, hippy-esk wedding that incorporated both some traditional wedding ideas and too their own quirky and unique personalities. Kalila got her wedding dress at a local consignment store for basically pennies, and then they had friends and family help with decorating and cooking and flowers and all the other normal wedding necessities. Her and Micah scoured thrift stores collecting mason jars and random plates for the reception, and not because she saw the idea of Mason jars on some wedding blog and wanted to copy it, but because that was truly what they used normally and simply what she wanted all the same for her wedding! She wanted to use flowers that were true to the season and local. All the mint and sage and lavender mixed with the exuberantly hot summer day made for some really fabulous perfumes that wafted through the air all day long. 

Pretty Oregon country hills and a warm valley housing a little winery was the setting for this pretty wedding. I feasted on the easiness of the day. I cried when I saw Kalila in her lovely dress. I swooned over all the pretty girls with heads of hair filled with braids and curls and flowers. I got goosebumps when one of their close friends played the violin as they floated around the pond in a little row boat at the end of the evening... and I could go on and on. I am happy to share just a couple handfuls of my favorite photos from what was such an all-time special day for not only Micah and Kalila, but too for myself...


  1. great pics :)
    All the pics looks good and gorgeous.

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  2. Woah AMAZING photos and beautiful wedding. That dress is seriously gorgeous. Do you know what she's doing with it now? :P

    1. well thank you! and I haven't a clue what she is up to with that dress... if i could get my own hands on it i just might!!! :P

  3. This is beautiful!


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