Last year I had great hopes for my summer garden. And my poor summer garden turned out being one big fat failure. Trying was fun and I did indeed put a great deal of effort into not only the veggie garden, but too the flower garden. Turns out I was way too busy last summer for my own good; I let my work rule the roost! Well this summer, even though I love my work so much, I love my husband and friends and family even more! We've already had some great little gatherings in the backyard and I have personally greatly enjoyed the simpleness and ease of just enjoying what came back in the flower beds this year, left over from last. Turns out the best plan was no plan at all. Naturally.

I've done just a wee bit of primping here and there and voila! We have been in our pretty backyard area as much as possible, both alone and with those dearest too us. Instead of prodding for that matching set of gorgeous outdoor furniture that, well let's face it, here in Seattle we get to use for 2 or 3 months MAYBE if we are fortunate, I collected a silly little mismatched grouping of thriftstore chairs and tables and you know what, it's perfect! Wouldn't want it any other way!

I popped outside this afternoon to escape my little office and couldn't help but marvel at the prettiness {and scents!} of my mini herb garden. Yesterday as I was writing the blog post mentioning how Kalila of Micah+Kalila used fresh herbs in her hair and flower bouquets, I couldn't help but instantly subconsciously smell the sweetness of summer sage. Today, as I enjoyed my own little sage plant I couldn't help but think, "mmm, how the loveliest things often come oh-so naturally."

What a nice treat that is no?


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