Last March I rebranded my photography business. It. Was. Hard. However, as it turns out it was exactly the leap I needed to take to in order to really turn my business and art into what I truly wanted it to be, and, as it turns out, it would also end up being an overhaul of my life in general to turn it into what I truly wanted it to be.

Each year I sit down and reevaluate my business and figure out what has worked, what hasn't worked, what I want to change and improve, along with other various assessments like what my next steps for continuing education will be, other creatives I'd like to add to my creative circle, and additional technical skills I'd like to focus on.  I'm rather astonished that some of the humongous goals I set in moments of butterfly and rainbows daydreaming and imagining were actually reached, and in a reasonable timeframe no less; March to March.  March 2012 I was researching how to totally refurbish the branding of a photography business both in the design and presentation aspects like logos and blog and web design, along with figuring out overall conceptual goals for my work with mission statements and whatnot.  Well, voila!  March 2013 and the business and art {with the help of lots of hoping and wishing, hours of googling, and many random introductions via email} is right where I was only imagining it would be.

The point is, set goals.  Get focused.  Work hard.  Humble yourself.  Love and listen.  Whether in your career, in your personal life, in your health, in your art, in your spirituality...  remember the words of Pablo Picasso, "Everything you can imagine is real."  In the same book that I read that quote from him, was the below two-page photograph of him in his studio space sitting and looking at his artwork.  I now keep it framed in my office as a reminder to never stop imagining.

*top polaroid of a potential logo sketch snapped on impossible project film; something I discovered last march.

**thinking of rebranding OR simply want to view a great resource full of beautiful design? visit sarah tolzmann's blog 'note to self'.  it's one of the absolute best in it's genre.


  1. Seriously loved everything you said. So inspiring and I am so happy for you.


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