Do you follow moi/cozbijeanphotography on Instagram? Well I am not going to say you should... but... you should. Haha. You should! It's such a great space to stay connected + be inspired.  I have so many thoughts about Instagram.  Instagram has been, hmmm... how should I say this... well here, let me share the words of @cacahuete_sr aka Sharon Radisch; an NYC photographer and someone I 'follow':

"When I joined Instagram a year ago, I had no idea what was in store. I thought that maybe I'd post a few pictures now and again of coffee or pretty food that I ate. Little did I know that I'd make some great friends and meet so many inspirational and talented people. To me, Instagram means seeing the simple beauty that people capture during their daily life from all over the world, bringing people together who are passionate about photography, inspiration and also friendships and (many many laughs)."

I too joined Instagram a wee bit over a year ago. I thought that I'd simply use Instagram to find a bit of inspiration in making more daily attempts at documenting my own creative whims and personal adventures.  Oh, and to connect with my friends.  I really had to clue that I'd take such a fancy to it! Not to mention, just like Sharon mentioned, I have made some great friends and acquaintances with fellow creatives that I really don't think would have been possible otherwise. It's been amazing! Absolutely amazing.

instagrams from our month long nyc adventure last may

I am going to go ahead and go on a limb here and say that Instagram has been the ultimate push that I needed.  I know that sounds a little silly, or at least in my head it does, but when I started Instagram I was at a point in my life both personally and with the business, where I was really groping for a more clear direction and style.  I had JUST rebranded my photography business and was really at a pinnacle of decisions needing to choose and commit and delve into making the changes I really wanted to happen just in general and with my photography.  Honestly, I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon of cliffs needing to choose weather to take a leap of faith or climb back to comfortable safety.  Okay, I am being a little dramatic.  Seriously though, I all of a sudden found inspiration via Instagram to constantly look at what I was doing, where I was doing it, who I was doing it with... to just observe.  To look and see.  I was greatly spurred on when I was able to tap into other creatives and see their passion, their direction and what they were looking at and seeing and doing and creating on a daily basis.  I found that I didn't need to always have my Nikon or my Minolta with me to make a good documentation of something, instead I've learned how to use my iphone to take relatively great photographs.  That helped so much!  Now at the tip of my fingers I've ALWAYS got access to creating photographs at a standard to my liking. It's been ALL the difference!

instagrams as of late:
a visit in la with my best friend {and twin!} candis. normal life here in seattle. 
and our last visit to nyc that fell over february 27th at which time i also turned 27. 

instagram from the end of nicole+brian's wedding day.
i was sitting in the car waiting for it to defrost and snapped this #backofthecamera shot and shared it!

I am full of excitement to see where the next year of 'instagramming' will take me.  For that matter, I'm really quite excited with where the next year in general will take me!  My head is on straighter then ever before.  My business and art is steady and too steadily improving.  My heart is bursting and now in a very delightful way.  My Instagrams... well... you'll have to go follow me to see about my Instagrams... !!!

*top triptych taken this afternoon with the new 'Timer Camera' app. for iphone.  I love it!


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