Was looking for a creative way to display the new business name and in leu of playing with the Polaroids thought this could be fun. Obviously I'm learning to hold bottom part of the camera with the cartridge a certain way to assure proper development when the photo is initially taken. But I thought that using one of my logo sketches in my Moleskin was kind of a fun way to snap a shot of the new 'identity'.

Hoping you all have a bon weekend! Going to visit my parents this evening and I'm hopeful that the weather will cooperate for when I return up to Seattle tomorrow. I'd love to go enjoy the cherry blossoms with some girlfriends on Sunday up at the UW campus, so we shall see!


  1. I like this idea.. it's organic in a way.. very much dig it.

  2. well thank you thank you! now if only the silly film wasn't SO expensive. ugh!


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