I've discovered that although I must submit to the social networking scene known as Facebook {trying to toddle my time appropriately with the silly site} I am proud to say that I am IN LOVE with Instagram! Here are a few of my favorites so far from using the fun hipstamatic app! Ah one more reason I love my Iphone... :)

a. a succulent that lives in our bathroom.
b. a save-the-date from one of my June couples; I dig it so stinking much!
c. a photo from today of one of the mums in my living room bouquet.
d. visited my parents last weekend and they have a postcard I sent them from Paris; it's still on their fridge and I was in Paris almost five years ago!
e. tale from the Polaroid adventures.
f. LA public library; they have a great art wing! {miss you Candis Press!}

Happy Friday all! Thinking of running some weekend posts this weekend; we will see...


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