Meet Claudia. Claudia had posted a photo on her Instagram boasting the giant Camellia tree that was in full bloom in the entry way to her home. Me, in my rather crazy ways, instantly messaged her asking if I could come take pictures of the pretty Camellia {as it is one of my FAVORITE flowers} and for that matter, of her with it. Well, not only did she completely entertain my wackadoodle idea {I had not spoken to Claudia since when I shot her sister's wedding nearly 3 years ago!} but we both instantly suggested we make a whole evening of the adventure. Oh I should also add a good deal of my excitement came from the forecast that was actually predicting very clear and warm weather for the next few days... almost... spring like if you could even imagine that...   . . . 

I arrived at Claudia's right as she got home from work and it was nearing the very end of the 'golden hour', it being about 7:30pm, and with the recent 'Spring' ahead I couldn't help but play in the warm, darkening light and all the pretty shade it created on Claudia as we danced around the various faces of the Camellia.  

We ended up having a fabulous little reunion and combined with our little photo session and then drinks and dinner at Matedor and then dessert at Menchies {which she had never had! Yes, I made her a believer!} what a very fun Friday night we both got to have together!


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