I have a lot to be thankful for included in which was today's exuberantly wonderful engagement session with Hannah and Nick. There is so much though that today I realized I really do have to be appreciative of. One thing that is always an obvious subject of gracious attention is the first fruit of Spring's blossoming goodies. This year I am especially drawn to the pretty Camellias that have graced our neighborhood for now weeks. I usually always notice the pretty things, and I usually am so disheartened by how quickly our wet weather turns their perfect petals to brown mush often times before they hardly have a chance to show their pretty face. This year however, they have literally graced us with their presence for an unusual amount of time. 

When I was out doing my long run day yesterday, I came across {do I dare say, "stumbled across"... after-all I was a blubbering, stumbling mess by the time I made it back round to the house 8 miles later} anyhow I came across the above giant Camellia tree that was glistening in beautiful white blooms. It was astonishing. I of course stopped to take a quick iphone photo.

For many of the same reasons as Coco Chanel herself including how "the seemingly simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace" I find myself mesmerized with the simple flower and I will continue to enjoy it's beauty and calming effect for the remaining days it allows me.  Today really was a wonderful day, and I hope it was in some way the same for you too.


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