I am a happy gal right now. No my life is not perfect. Who's is? Yes I have battles I am desperately trying to win. Who doesn't? But you know what, there is so much to be happy and grateful for. Always and no matter what.

I hope you all have a very great weekend. Honestly I really do. Mine is forecasted to be spectacular. Which is really lovely to look forward too! It's already started marvelously with happy hour with my parents here in West Seattle at The Tuscan Tea room; we all may have had some very, very strong drinks... ... perhaps their potency is visible in the writing of this post... ... Well a 'BON WEEKEND' post better be joyous no? Well this one is certainly just that!  teehee... ... ... :)

I thought I'd share one photo from Hannah & Nick's engagement session from this week. The photos from their session make me so, so happy.  One other thing that is making me oh so happy is the song from The Civil Wars and, now get this, Taylor Swift. I have never ever been a fan of Miss Swift however I am now a 'bel-ieber'. Oh snap, 'belieber' is for Justin Beiber fans. Okay well I never thought I'd like either one but I am so crushing on JB's JT sounding hit 'Boyfriend' AND Swift's collaborative hit 'Safe and Sound' on which she duets with The Civil Wars. L-O-V-E.  Listening to 'Safe and Sound' and looking at Hannah and Nick's engagement photos make me swoon. I typically now despise that word 'swoon' due to a certain wedding blog's inability to use any other verb to describe their love for something, but it is now very appropriate for describing how much I love the combo. Seriously, when I post all their photos I'll add a link to the song so you can listen at look at their pics and swoon just as I do.

Okay okay, off to the beach house for the weekend! Again, bon weekend to you all my friends!


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