Yet another week has come and gone. And again... no long pretty post of any of the pretty shoots I've done in the past couple of weeks. Blast. They will happen. Simply a matter of time!

So here I am again posting a BON WEEKEND Friday wish to all of you. Just finished dinner with our family; sushi downtown at Japonessa. Yum. My weekend will consist of two weddings a little bowling party with our friends before our departure, and myself on turbo mode aka ingesting a truckload of coffee in order to get all of the work done and sent out before we leave Tuesday. Oh my. I'll admit. The procrastination is on a whole new level now; it's an all new ballgame of finishing jobs when you are leaving town for a whole month... Today my nerves have tried multiple times to get the better of me. Yet here I am, 11:10 pm on a Friday night writing a blog post and venting a little and therefore relieving some of the near overwhelming feeling of stress. Can't stay up too late working as tomorrow is one wonderfully long wedding day {Chris+Malissa up at the Future of Flight up north; their wedding is aviation themed. I. die.}.

Therefore I am off to work a bit more, prep for tomorrow, make a few lists one of which being a to-do for my hubby. Yes, I have resorted to drastically relying on him to get everything I need to get done before leaving. I am so controlling and a perfectionist that I rarely entrust him with such weighty duties as going to H&M to get me a new pair of jeans because all my others fall to my knees. {woohoo 10lbs down!!!}


*above image from Sterling+Teva's engagement session last weekend.


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