So I survived Mexico! * Cozbi high fives herself *
The wedding I photographed was JUST LOVELY! Oh it was really just absolutely a joy to be a part of! And as for the rest of the short little trip, well it was pretty swell itself! Puerto Vallarta was beautiful and graced us with warm, sticky sunshine everyday. I learned how to cha-cha. * Cozbi high fives herself once-more *

Now, here I am, 3:41am backing up all my wedding images, writing this post, prepping some work I'll need to finish tomorrow while yet again flying off for another wedding! I realized that as we were landing this evening and I was making a to-do list, being so chalk full with 'work' right now {um, I feel wrong even calling it that... "work"... hardly really...} has definitely taught me how to make my to-do list and then reasonably achieve what I can, re-write, re-prioritize and then finish as time allows. I've really been learning how to say that little word... oh what is it... oh yes, no. I've been learning how to just shake my head and say, "no" or "it's not going to happen" or "that is just not as important as that other thing..." which has all in turn really been teaching me to be flexible. Seems like that is something we all can always work on, no?

* iphone snap #1 above of pretty beach palms waving in the wind. palm trees are like fire to me: mesmerizing. I swear I could look at them all day. Snap #2 is a very quick attempt at capturing the gorgeous greens that superfluously saturated the city. I guess they just finished their 'rainy season' and boy I am glad they did because the plant life was so utterly lively! Now, I get to go see more of my little palm friends in Florida... best finish packing I suppose...



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