To feel welcome.


What a grand feeling.

Whether by our friends or family,
by strangers or those we know best,
isn't it heart warming to be welcomed?

Even that moment where you approach your front door and fumble for your keys and upon finding them slide them into the lock, turn the door knob and take that first step into your house, that moment that we've all done a gazillion times... isn't it unfailingly welcoming to make that entrance, look around, smell the smell of 'your' house, see 'your' things, be in 'your' space? It really is nearly every time and even if for a split second, such a heart warming moment is it not?

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in New York that are still enduring the consequences of the storm. I spoke with one of the brides I worked with back in May and her and her now husband have still not been able to return to their apartment. Hearing that made me wish that I could fly them over and welcome them to stay in my city just as they welcomed me so graciously to theirs. Until then, they and the so many others like them are in my thoughts. As you glance at the pretty, nostalgic Brooklyn Heights stoop above {photo taken back in August}, may you too take a moment to think of all those that are yet to experience what may be an unfortunate less-then-welcoming return to their storm stricken homes, and may we all be grateful of our own safe and sound havens.


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