I now have all the prettiest, most unique, funnest weddings to finish from the tail end of summer and now from fall and I have to say, I love them all so much! I love them all so much that I am taking too long editing them haha. They are full of all sorts of goodness and I swear, as I go through each image I like the next one even more then the previous.

At the moment I'm a wee bit overwhelmed and I feel like I just ate one too many desserts off the dessert table. Too much of a good thing, makes ya feel a little sick to the stomach you know? But then, no matter how much your belly aches off the sugar rush, no matter how bad your jaw starts to throb from chewing the four extra handfuls of gummy bears... you still can't stop because it's SO good!

I have got to find a way to make myself pace out my editing so that I don't spend 8 hours tweaking the same 200 images...

but they are just SO fun to tweak!

*image from sam+steven's wedding that had not only delicious red velvet cake, but also a homemade dessert table as well as a gelato palate cleanser after the last course. I was in heaven!


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