Good morning good morning! How are all you all? Wonderful I hope!

Well I thought I'd check in just long enough to acknowledge the fact that yes I have SO been MIA from blogging the past week/days! I am okay with that though! We are greatly enjoying our remaining 'play' time here in New York and my oh my do I have stories for you all! Real good, juicy ones too! *smile*

I am greatly looking forward to returning home to my little office... and bed... and dog... and kitchen... and friends... and bathroom... and family... and couch... ... New York has been a hoot and a fabulous adventure! We have some rather epic last few days planned which I am thrilled about!

I am leaning towards the fact that this will be my last post until returning home, although you never know when one may pop up! :) How grand it is being your own boss... !!! Anyhow, if I am off the radar for the next few days at least you've been warned and can look forward to something being shared as soon as we again west coasters {next Thursday}.

toddles friends and have a splendid Sunday!


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