Meet Lauren & Kim. Yes, I am indeed finally getting to blogging some of this year's {and for that matter last year's; oops a daisy oh I know, I know I am behind but better late then never!} wedding and engagement photo sessions! Included in which is Lauren & Kim's winter engagement session we did at Discovery Park on one surprisingly and undeniably beautiful sunny day. 

The light was irresistibly perfectly golden and to be honest, was and is a perfect reflection of Lauren and Kim themselves; they are joyful and in love and as radiant as the sunshine was that day. Oh it was just absolutely lovely. They are absolutely lovely.

I have also been really working on a new little mantra that I took from a saying of Pablo Picasso, "I do not seek, I find." I've been forcing myself to relax while shooting. To just not worry so much. To simply shoot and shoot a lot and as perfectly and technically correct as possible; letting the subject be the subject and me be the artist documenting. Of course, there are often small encouragements and/or direction that can be submitted to aid certain situations and what not, but trying too hard is never a good thing. To be honest I found myself trying to hard and therefore getting extremely frustrated and discouraged with my work and the results I was getting. Now though, I love the new results I've been getting and I really, really love the below images from Lauren and Kim's session. They were such an inspiring couple to photograph and my creativity truly thrived off of their wonderful personas. And. The. Light. :) So thank you to you two and oh I just can not wait until your wedding; I truly am so, so looking forward to photographing you two and your special day.


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