Bonjour mes amis. Yesterday was our sixth day here and therefore after I finished up a project at our work spot at Ninth Street Expresso, we decided that we needed to embark on a search for some wardrobe additions slash killer outfits for a rather exciting event this weekend...

Every year the finest of fine classic cocktail professionals and enthusiasts from around the country and world get together for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. The MCC's main even is the gala held on the first evening of the weekend of events and takes place at the New York Public Library and is THE place to be next to the Metropolitan's own Gala usually held the weekend prior. Well although tickets to the MCC gala were of course sold out when we realized we'd be in town at the same time, we did purchase tickets to the Gentleman's Cocktail Crawl on Saturday evening and it is of course black tie. Once our tickets were purchased Nicholas and I instantly looked at each other and said, "Shopping!?!"

So yesterday we embarked on a rather epic suit search for Mr. Nicholas. The winning location for well made yet affordable suits? Zara. Zara treated Nicholas rather well. For myself, I purchased a dress both at Zara and Nordstrom Rack; will decide between the two closer to... *smile*. We were able to shop around over on 5th and Union'ish area which is uber handy for us as we could take the L train strait to the station. We've learned the ONLY complaint worth making about our lovely home here in NYC is that it is about 12ish blocks aka 12ish minutes aka 1ish mile away from the apt. Not at all that bad and I am not really 'complaining' rather simply saying that it can be just a bit of a hassle or pain to be that distance from the subway when it turns out we take it at least once a day almost. Also, for me and my sad little arthritic feet, sometimes they literally can't handle one more block or one more minute of walking... they are slowing adjusting though and we are walking around a minimum of 3-4 miles a day. 

Anyhow, yesterday's shopping was fab and then we headed to a Sushi place Nicholas found, Jewel Bako here in the village. Oh man oh man was it divinely delicious! Ah! Superb service and superb food and get this, superb prices! Well, a little high but always worth it when it comes to purchasing and ingesting raw fish right?! We had a very modest dinner yet were completely satisfied and had two desserts. Can I even say 'modest dinner' and 'two desserts' in the same sentence?! *smile* Well anyhow we shared the green tea ice cream sandwiches and the lychee coconut sorbet. Both were perfect and surprising my stomach did not react illy to the ice cream at all; must have been the green tea that settled it. :)

It was a lovely day as a whole and rather wonderful for a Monday! Today had a bumpy start but ended rather well; will share more tomorrow! In the meantime the above photo was an instagram photo of myself dawned in shopping attire included in which were some new thunderously loud cherry trousers I got months ago and had been saving for this trip; they are the $25 H&M version of the $75 JCrew version and they are IDENTICAL. 

cheers! xo


  1. Glad to hear your day got better!! I want to see pics of the dresses! I got the black version of the white flats you got ... trying to keep my feet happy for running all over the city!

  2. Mir you will be SO happy with the flats! I am SO living in mine! the comfiest shoe i have here! and yes, it will taking trying the dresses on together along with the also purchased jewelry and shoes to make the final decision :)


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