Well it has been a very quiet week here for me! I piddled away at work, a bit more at my taxes, did lots of more research for NYC which may or may not include watching Gossip Girl... *Smile*. Oh I should probably let you all in on the ' *Smile* ' thing... You see, my mom text messages and it is the funniest thing, she doesn't make a smile face when she texts like the rest of the planet does by going ' :) '. Nope! She instead writes, *Smile*. I get a kick out of it and have noticed that I am too now doing it so there, at least you know why. *Smile* haha

Anyhow, I am looking forward to a very special date tonight with Nicholas Hultz. Then tomorrow I am meeting with one of my June couples and doing some engagements! I hope you all also have a lovely weekend! Do you have any good plans??? I know sometimes no plans are the best plans right?!?

*The above photo is from a little project for the month of March I have been doing via Instagram. Yesterday's subject was 'feet'. I didn't want the typical looking down at feet photo and then realized as I was laying doddling on the laptop, well my feet look pretty cute as they are! *Smile*


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