Negative, this is not Martha's Vineyard teehee, sneaky title though no? This is actually Port Townsend. A little town that has always had a somewhat magical connotation to me as a child and even now. Who can deny the beauty of victorian charm? Very much a West Coast mini-Martha's Vineyard of sorts I think.

It is actually a rather humorous story as to how I recently ended up in Port Townsend... ... You see, I was never a 'Black Friday' or 'Cyber Monday' shopper until my husband ever so nicely murdered our vacuum {death by attempt to suck up the contents of an exploded pepper-mill} and I therefore embarked on a search for a premier vacuum. Finding an excellent deal on a Dyson at, I discovered that the last store it was available in {yes the online deal was for in-store pickup only} was in Sequim. Sequim is the antithesis to anything associated with the word 'sequin' which is what my friend Liz and I had a good time calling it. To say Sequim is over the river and across the woods would be an understatement; more like it's over three bays and across a mountain range from my little Seattle home. Anyhow, I bought the silly Dyson at about 50% off and called a dear friend asking if she wanted to have an adventure with me the next day. A ferry ride, an intense array of other fellow online shoppers at the Home Depot customer service pick-up area, and two coffees later the Dyson vacuum was now in our possession! Where to next...

Well I must admit that the whole draw of driving to Sequim to get the dang thing was that Port Townsend was just about 40 minutes away and certainly worth the little extra drive. So, dawned with Mr. Dyson, we journeyed over to Port Townsend and oh my was it such a lovely day! We walked the whole town and even ventured around a few areas that I had not been too even in the 26 years I've been going. It was especially fun exploring with someone who hadn't been before. Although the town does seriously hunker down for winter, the quietness and do I dare say 'emptiness', was perfectly enjoyable for us. My favorite stop was at Ms. Bee Haven's antique store where Liz found some antique French flash cards for $5. Of course I snatched them up and upon being rang up was asked, "Comment allez-vous?" A few French expressions later, I discovered that Ms. Bee herself is married to a Frenchman and was excited to see us purchasing the cards. 

A fabulous little brunch at Sweet Laurette Cafe {oh my lands THE BEST butternut squash soup ever!}, a little wine and one more drive through the old streets, we were on our way home from what was a very fun adventure indeed. I can't wait for my next return to Port Townsend! And thanks for the fun day Liz!


  1. You girls are so cute! I love these photos- what a fun trip!!! xo

  2. aw thanks colleen! it was a fun little outing!


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