Meet Natasha, my sister-in-law and one of my closest friends. She is twenty years old. Natasha is at the point in her blossoming life where she all of a sudden has dreams and aspirations, and I've found that her eagerness and exuberance {and too her bosom friendship} breathes a little extra life into my world. Especially with my own recent changes to my business and too personal changes as an artist, I feel like although we are at two very different points in our lives, we are both still nonetheless very much growing and evolving. I've found it quite consoling and actually very inspirational to be taking on new adventures side by side; a comradeship and truly a very special friendship.

This was by far the best time I've had photographing her. I adore her pretty youth; she's got a very lovely look about her that I certainly didn't have when I was 20. I nearly despise her shameless confidence as I have over the past few years had to start fighting to maintain mine. Yet, true friendships often function seemingly well despite differences in age and are known to actually prosper from such {there is not a huge gap in our ages; her being 20, I being a very new 26} and I am now convinced that this is the case with us. I am encouraged to help guide her in her young steps, and find it invigorating to see her starting some pretty massive journeys. I am also finding that she, rather unknowingly I assume {until now} is also encouraging me as I embark on my own life adventures.


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