If I can't be in Paris at Angelina's having lunch, then I'll take Capital Hill's Cafe Presse as an Etats-Unis substitute anytime! Oh la la Cafe Presse has so much going for it; it's quaint and simple, it boasts a beautifully stocked bar along with delicious Cafe Vita coffee, it is open until 2am everyday even for food... oh, that reminds me I should also mention, THE FOOD! Good grief the menu is a perfectly constructed array of simple French meals including my personal favorite and what I get nearly every time, the Crock Madame. 

Nicholas and I both agreed that we should make Cafe Presse a traditional Saturday afternoon hangout spot, and we are excited to return this weekend and perhaps try some of the other things on the menu! Oh and I should add, I had a gay time playing with my new 50mm friend... can you tell? :)


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