Another Monday is once again here and too finishing up. However, this week's Monday spawns something a bit exciting, the start of a new month! Not only is April here, but as I've realized today and this past weekend, a month of terrible excitement and liveliness has now begun! Yes, we have one month till we leave for New York and between now and then I have one large project to finish, four engagement sessions, two weddings, taxes to finish and whatever else pops in between all that, ya know like regular life or that thing called a social life!

I know you've most likely seen the above photo that I took in NYC before, but it really is appropriate today as I sit and work and plan and schedule the days and hours and minutes out of April. Yes the grand finale of April will be glorious as it will bring right to the above image, New York in the Spring. 

Hoping you all had a great start to your week!


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