Another Friday is amongst us! Happy Friday!

I thought I'd share just a few pretty frames from the heavenly cherry tree patch I found while back home two weekends ago. I went down for a rescue pick-me-up parental visit. Of course it was just what I needed and my mother and best friend was able to whip right in to a place where I needed to be but just couldn't get to alone. Ah what are moms for eh? Well, we went out and about after a good cry session and I spotted from far down the street an upcoming puff of cherry trees in full bloom!

Have you seen the film Anne of Green Gables? The scene where Anne has recently been picked up by Matthew at the train station and he drives her, by horse and carriage of course, through 'The Avenue'? Well the above cherry trees resembled that scene with Anne so, so closely! It was especially interesting because this particular plot of land with the trees previously had a very lovely, very old big farm house on it that had since my last visit been demolished. I loved that the only thing demonstrating the land had been lived on, was the over grown cherry trees that were going wildly crazy. 

When I headed home the following day I stopped by, just myself and my 50mm and had some therapeutic alone time in the clouds of sweet smelling blooms. It was divine. I love that in efforts to capture the various layers of white and pink blooms {yes there was both white and pink trees!} I caught the above uber out of focus shot. I just love how soft and abstract it is. Not usually a lover of pastel colors, I actually adore the near neutral tones of all the airy bokeh.  It was completely difficult to capture the real life beauty of the scene via digital image that day in little old Sumner, but just sitting and meditating in the trees was beautiful enough in itself for my artistic soul. 

Bon Weekend all!


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