We all know the song... about Monday's... and how they can be rather manic... ... {go ahead... sing it... it will make you feel better; did me!}

Well today is the epitome of a manic Monday pour moi. We fly out tomorrow at 7:15am and let's just say that the amount of work/tasks that I need to get done in the next 22ish hours is rather ridiculous! Included in which is shooting a very small, intimate, 4-hour wedding gig this afternoon. Can you say, 'woa nelly?!?!' :)

I thought I would at least post a few images I just instagramed of Chris+Malissa's wedding on Saturday; I turned the camera on and was flipping through the images before I download/backup and came across the two above and just had to snap them in their pretty OOC glory! {OOC is 'out of camera' in photog lingo; means the images is unaltered and as took}. Wasn't Malissa to die for gorgeous?!? I thought so! As did her terribly adorable now hubby Chris.

Okay, okay I have to run... hopefully I can get a bunch of pretty posts lined up and shared asap! I want to so badly for you all to enjoy my latest shoots!!! Ah... .... for now I'll just try to 'babystep' my way through this manic Monday...



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