Today's post will be brief, or, briefer... ... *smile*! We had a marvelous weekend and I hope you did too! Today we are exactly two weeks out until our departure to NYC! So exciting and yet SO MUCH TO DO! Taxes are il finito and thank heavens I owe significantly under what I anticipated WHICH IS RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING/A RELIEF/INVIGORATING/CALMING oh and did I mention a relief? Oy. Seriously, thank heavens on that!

Anyhow, this past weekend while we were out at the beach house I took quite amount of Instagram photos which I will admit I'm totally addicted to Instagram and am connecting with the most rad people and artists via it; love. it. Anyways, yes I took quite a few photos documenting our near perfect weekend however I forgot to upload the top image. Myself, my mother-in-law Martina and sister-in-law Natasha went and did a little 3 mile nature walk at the end of Hood Canal along the beautiful wetlands and it was oh so picturesque; I was snapping photos the whole walk!

I loved the above area along part of the pathway that was lined in over grown blooming trees. We couldn't figure out what they were exactly; clearly the bark was lighter but there was also lots of little white cherry blossom-esq buds starting to bloom out more towards the tops of the branches. Do you know what it is? Then there was all this dried marsh grass that when the wind blew the shuffle of the dry leaves literally made the prettiest music! I did also adore the little tiny green leaves that speckled the otherwise neutral palate; a sure tell sign that Spring is here. It was so relaxing and gorgeous! Provided just the rejuvenation and clarity one needs to regroup and refocus to be able to go and bust through two upcoming crazy weeks!


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