Meet Katia and Josh. They are getting married in June of this upcoming summer. We were scheduled to meet up to review the more detailed plans for their now quickly coming big day when I thought, "goodness, I wonder if they would at all be willing to entertain a little non-pressure shooting/practice with me in the form of a very mini-engagement session?!" Yes, I have really, really, really been trying to push myself out of my normal shooting methods and techniques; greatly trying to hone back to my more photojournalistic aesthetics and balancing classic portraiture composition while keeping the spontaneity that styling often robs from from the moment. Anyhow, I asked if I brought my camera along if they'd be up for a few shots and they excitedly obliged. Yay!

I then was trying to think of a spot that would allow a pretty setting within a very small area and too supply a great spot to chat over dinner *LIGHTBULBTHENWENTOFFINHEAD* Ballard Avenue! I suggested we eat at Bastille for two reasons: 1. Um have you eaten at Bastille? It's French yes and it is tres magnifique! Oh so, so delish! 2. The restaurant space is just as divine as the menu with beautiful warm light and wide open space; perfect for trying a little 'paparazzi' idea I had. Well it was meant to be because come to find out Katia and Josh had been wanting to try Bastille; win, WIN!

I could really go on and on about our evening together, but for now I'll leave you with the photos. I am so very, very excited for their wedding! Thanks for such a fun little get-together you two!



  1. I love the pictures in the shop. They are so fun.

  2. thanks so much! yes we were in a restaurant and it was SO beautiful!


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