Well I had quite a lovely weekend and I'm hoping you all did as well! One of the fabulous highlights, if not the highlight, was meeting with Chris and Malissa {pictured above in an Instagram pic I snapped} at the Museum of Flight in Mulkilteo. Chris is a pilot and avid aviation enthusiast and therefore their wedding will reflect much of that. Malissa and I had a blast as he led us on our own personal tour of the museum of flight and I can confidently say I feel much more at ease with the whole flying process now! Seriously, he completely educated us about planes and flying and the mechanics of it all; I feel great with it! And too I feel real great about their wedding in a few weeks! They are having a big, beautiful vintage plane charter up the tarmac for us to shoot with! Eeek!

In other news, as I've mentioned I am in the midst of mad chaos as I'm prepping for our departure to NYC come May 1st and therefore my to-do lists are now pages full of various tasks. The largest of which for this week is a very, very special engagement session out in the country on Wednesday and too, ah yes, finishing taxes. Ugh. At least I can say that while I may go temporarily insane for the remaining days in April, it is going to feel all too good to have gotten this much done in a short amount of time. Right? Anybody... anybody?

Well I best get back at the grind...


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