Un jour neuf, similar to un jour huit began with a least then favorable start. A. Headache. Thank you to a poor night of sleep. But all was not lost! I totally rallied; nursed my head to a manageable state which I am very used to doing and then plugged around at the rest of the day! It was not too terrible eventful. Actually, it was quite boring now that I'm trying to write it and recall it in a way that sounds even the least bit of enticing...

I worked at the coffee shop by us, Ninth Street Expresso. Nicholas did some cleaning at the apartment. Then we headed down to St Marks and to Crif Dogs which is well known hot dog shop and favored by many foodies including Mr. Anthony Bourdain himself. It was about as unhealthy of a meal as I've had in months and surprisingly I didn't feel like a fat turd after so that was exciting! I had their famous corn dog. The best corn dog I've ever had. Along with a PBR and tater tots. I told you, not healthy and yes I felt guilty about it! Well after the Crif Dog adventure we put our name in at the attached speak easy PDT and then went out to explore St Marks while we waited for our call into PDT.

PDT or Please Don't Tell was quite exciting! And what better to add to a belly of grease then some trusty digestifs... *smile* The actual place, which has entry through what appears to be a phone booth in Crif Dogs, reminded both Nicholas and I of Rob Roy back home in Seattle. It had a vintage, woody, lodge'ish type of vibe. They had a printed cocktail menu which neither Nicholas or I liked as it is not within typical standards of speak easy's, but the cocktails we ordered were delish and the crowd and people watching very, very entertaining. We guess that about 1/2 of the guests were devout authentic cocktail enthusiasts, 1/4 college students that heard of the place and were going because it was the cool thing to do and 1/4 street folk/Crif Dog visitors that followed the lead of example when they saw others 'calling' and getting accepted into the secret phone booth. The mixture was exorbitantly entertaining, especially after a few cocktails. We are looking forward to the Manhattan Classic Cocktail Crawl we are doing tomorrow/Sat. PDT was good but there will be much better to come...

*above instagram photos of my cocktails. 1. peanut butter cup 2. the shark 3. rusty nail


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