Un jour trois is among us today and I thought I would share the photos I took yesterday of our little home! Yes it is about the size of 1/2 of a shoebox. Not new to us sharing such a small space; city living we have indeed done before although much, much cheaper! Still, our little apartment is adorable and our landlord is so great too which is very nice. The building is quite secure. It's certainly not the prettiest but if it means paying less money then I'm just fine with our little less then beautiful building. Most important is it is safe and clean.

I of course packed some framed photos from home to put in the apartment because surprise! I'm totally sentimental; shocking isn't it. *smile* I also got an assortment of my favorite Voluspa candles and have scattered them throughout the space to look and smell pretty. The light in here is refreshingly nice and I just love it! I did get a few vessels yesterday and picked up some flowers to help the space look a little more friendly and welcoming. NYC has peonies and although pricey and not nearly the best of quality, I got some from a corner market and am enjoying them every second that I can!

The apartment is very close to our style in many ways. I did go through and do just a bit of redesign; I don't need to look at someone else's ugly photos when I brought I my own :) The bed is super duper comfy! It's nice and warm and the windows let in a great little breeze. The bathroom and kitchen are also quite decent as is the storage and closet space. Our downstairs neighbors are apparently older and ill and we do know right away if we are making too much noise; hey it's kind of annoying to get in trouble for accidentally dropping something, but as our stay continues they have gotten better with not romping on their ceiling with their broom warning us that we're too loud just as we've learned to take our shoes off at the door and not stomp around like elephants after 8 {only one of us is a natural stomper and at all times of the day; he and his sister both man they have lead feet!}. *smile*

Well our Friday has been nice! We went and worked at our coffee place, came home for an afternoon snack and to finish work and it is indeed 5:30pm here and we are off to play tourist in our jeans and t-shirts and sunnies and parade around central park and time square. Yes I said 'sunnies'; it is about 73 today and very very lovely...

Wedding day tomorrow!



  1. <3 the picture with you and Nick giggling.. and the one with the bourbon.. and the one of the peonies.. oh I just love this post i think.. muah!


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