Un jour quatre was a wedding day for myself and Cozbi Jean Photography, and oh what a wedding day it was! It is difficult to expound in appropriate diction the heartfelt love and joy I had photographing Steven and Sam's wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens today. I mean we all say {'we all' meaning 'us photographers'} "oh today I shot the most beautiful wedding", "oh today I had the most stunning bride", "oh my goodness today we had the most rad venue or coolest photo ops or the girls were wearing different colored dresses or the guys had this boutonnieres that have the yellow ball like flower things..." and I could go on and on... And of course as fellow photos {if you happen to be one too} you always get an instant tinge of detest/jealousy when you see a comrade sharing images that make you wish so badly you had gotten to be the hired vendor instead of them. Oh what is that? You say you've never experienced that? Oh well then you are lying. We get mad and sad and disappointed always comparing ourselves and in many ways this is healthy until the anorexic/bulimic sides of the competitiveness come out and we start to binge on the hate and jealousy in a completely toxic way.

I'll be honest, starting off as a wedding photographer can be some pretty nasty business at times. For me personally, I at first just wanted to just book weddings period. Then I very very quickly learned I wanted to book a more distinct type of wedding not just for aesthetics, but for the more distinct type of bride and groom it would attract as my client. Here I am ultimately creating artwork in capturing tiny snippets of your wedding in an entirety that needs to showcase the most important day of your life; I realized that if I don't connect with you as people as I do my own friends or family; if I am not inspired by you or your plan for the day or your story, then that is okay! There is someone else who would be better suited and vice versa! Being picky per say? Well yes. Realizing and understanding how I can perform and create the best as an artist? More importantly yes! 

This year I have taken some leaps of faith in hopes doing more wedding photography with couples that I can really connect with; a 'niche' of interests and styles we both share and therefore connect through. It means being patient and trying really hard at times. Today, and much of the reason why I literally can not even decently attempt to verbalize the little high I'm on right now, I worked with a couple; a wedding day that is indeed every ounce of why I adore being a wedding photographer and why I adore working so hard at this beautiful artistry. I've set so many goals at this business with very low expectations, mere simple dreams rather. Today, I saw so many of those goals and hopes and dreams far, far surpassed. I am enlivened. My feet hurt real bad, but I am enlivened. I am happy and proud and not ashamed. I also met an adorns couple at the wedding and we are doing a photo session tomorrow. can't. believe. it.

*I took the above polaroids {with Impossible Project film} in between my digi's during our bride/groom photo time; they are not scanned in but just snaps I took with the iPhone since I don't have my scanner here. Yes, in the second photo they were standing in a bed of purple grape hyacinth. The same grape hyacinth that are blooming in my backyard at home that I was sad I was going to miss because they are so beautiful... well I am certainly not missing them now.


  1. that second picture is a DREAM COME TRUE!

  2. AG: the entire day was a dream come true. seriously it will be very, very hard to trump this wedding season. i may just have to retire and have babies. well, retire and pioneer. NOT retire and have babies :) mind definitely changed on that front :)


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