Well my apologies for falling a day behind on my daily posts, although I feel most haven't noticed. *smile* Anyhow, here I am and sitting in our coffee joint working. Today, much like two days ago came with rather rougher starts. Sleeping has been a game both Nicholas and I have been losing at. So. Sad. The day before yesterday, Tuesday that would make it or un jour sept, just did not begin well at t'all. Hey we all have those days. The day improved thank goodness and included a surprise trip to the upper Eastside and therefore a dinner that both Nicholas and I could have died over. Here, let me expound a tad more {and by 'tad more' hopefully you readers, whomever you are, know that I am not at all a brief blog poster...} on the day...

I intended on heading up to Central Park to clear my head and just take play around with my camera assuming the alone time might be well needed. Nicholas decided to join nonetheless. We saw the largest rats in the subway {very unimportant side note}. We made it to the park and decided that in order for us both to be better people to each other and to the world we both needed coffee and therefore were searching for a coffee shop. Discovering that NYC unlike Seattle does NOT have coffee houses on every corner, we quickly got crankier with each corner baring no such coffee houses. Quite unfortunate. Anyhow so we headed off of 5th Avenue which borders all of the east side of Central Park and down a block which it turned out was Madison Avenue. Instead of finding coffee shops and cafes, we found Celine and Chanel. Neither of which we could get coffee and neither of which we could just pull up a chair and relax at for an hour which is what we both wanted. The streets were lovely as were all the town homes. Not so lovely was the rain that decided to grace us with it's presence. Now here we were getting wet and still in rather semi foul moods and in even more desperate need of coffee... you did not want to cross us...

Then, these pretty little heavenly, minty green bags started floating by on the arms of every other passer by and I instantly realized that if I couldn't get coffee to remedy my cruddy state of mind, then I could get Laduree macaroons which would not only make me a better person as a whole for the rest of my life, but would simply make me one happy giddy little girl even in despite of my terrible spirits. Laduree was as utopia like as I had imagined and in the snap of a finger, or perhaps more of the snap of a twenty dollar bill and one gem like little green box later {although I could have chosen from a black box or a Hello Kitty box; yes I could have REALLY embraced my inner giddy little girl!} I was a whole new woman.

Next we stumbled upon Via Quadronno, which ironically is infamous for it's cappuccinos. Done. And just like that the day was better. We had multiple things that ended up making the day unexpectedly wonderful: 1. True, authentic Italian service. 2. True, authentic Italian food included of which were two cappuccinos for both of us. 3. The best panini of my life. 4. A 3 hour dinner service with lots of yummy complimentary goodies since we happened to befriend our waiter mostly by which was done by returning his stoic and dry humor and his attempts at categorizing us with every other American tourist that stumbled in which we like to hope we ARE NOT... ... ...  After gorging ourselves we decided to continue walking up to the Met where we saw the ever so sad aftermath of the Gala. Oh the Gala. I secretly wanted to go camp out on 5th Avenue the day before in hopes of seeing the pretty outfits and celebs but alas I controlled myself. Then we started on what we expected to be a quick evening jaunt in the park as it was rather dark and damp. Quick it was not. Damp is an understatement. We got caught in an evening downpour without our bumbershoots. We made it back to the subway and realized while transferring at Union Station that we should again hit up the Nordstrom Rack above for some accessories for our cocktail crawl's outfits which we ended up finding lots of goodies. The day was not a total loss.

Un jour huit was going to be a complete vacation day as we wanted to head up one of the many museums on our go-to list. We decided on the American Museum of Natural History. I want so badly to say it was nightmare although I feel that would be a bit of an exaggeration. Although, for me it really was not an enjoyable experience at the start as the crowds of people, the screaming children, the fiasco with our tickets, the inability to navigate the damn museum, the horrid restrooms, the almost more horrid cafeteria food... {and I could continue} forced me unfortunately into full panic attack mode; one spell of hyperventilation/dizziness/crying later and Nicholas was able to calm me down. That and we hid out in the basement until a majority of the field trips left. Thank goodness the 'under the sea' area was so amazing. The life size model of the grey whale is astonishing!

After the museum we walked around the beautiful west side and then throughout more of the park. We then decided to have dinner at one of the many spots in around Tompkins Square Park/St. Marks/7th Street as there are many fabulous sidewalk cafes and speak easy's and all within blocks of 'home'. We settled on The Crooked Tree which was delish. Not the best we've had but still very delicious {can never go wrong with a glass of wine and mushroom/goatcheese crepe!} and we got to sit outside under the pretty cafe lights. Unfortunately the sleeping portion of last evening did not really happen for either of us. Street noise aka drunk guys at 3am screaming got the better of both of us. Along with my sore shoulder {dang heavy bag I lug around!} and the pillow I'm not use too and the pouring down rain and the headache that resulted from the sore shoulder and pillow... no. sleep. Therefore this morning started with me nursing my hurting self back to life in hopes of being able to bust out a work day... which I am doing... *smile*

*the above photos we took after our photo session with Clinton+Charis on Sunday; right when you come off the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side you are in the financial district and right off of Chamber's street are all these rather pretty and historic government buildings. Since we had had a few beers and were quite relaxed {and it was a very pretty golden hour!} we decided to camp out on the stairs of one of the buildings and take some photos... hehe... there they are... *smile*


  1. two things.. 1) I noticed a day was missing.. but you are forgiven.. 2) There is nothing better than telling an awful day to go screw itself and having an amazing day turn up in it's place! Keep the stories coming! Love ya!


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