Meet Nick+Hannah. I'd describe Nick and Hannah as classically romantic old souls in every stink'n adorable and cute and lovely way. I had been referred to Hannah by her sister who I've known for sometime now, in fact, I did her senior portraits around 4+ years ago... Becca is that right? I think so! Goodness didn't realize it's been that long! Anyhow, Becca referred Hannah to the wedding photography giveaway I was offering last November. In order to enter you had to submit your 'love recipe' included in which was to be details of the couple, the wedding day plans, how you met, the proposal, a few other things and most importantly, what receiving complimentary wedding photography would mean for you! 

I was instantly attracted to the fact that Nick and Hannah wanted to have an incredibly personalized wedding day yet they were on a rather strict budget and were going to be leaning towards using a family friend for their photography. I have complete respect for any couple planning and hosting a wedding on a budget and am a firm believer for not going in debt for a wedding. I am also a firm believer that you should never cut professional photography out of your wedding day; the one way of remembering and sharing your day when it's all done is your photos, please don't cut the idea of professional photos out! So anyhow, I put Nick and Hannah's names into the drawing for the grand prize and they ended up being the name drawn and I couldn't be more thrilled!

We met about a month or so ago on location of where the wedding will be which is out in the pretty Washington country near where I grew up in Enumclaw. Using her Aunt's lovely land and just as lovely airplane hanger, they are planning an end of summer family celebration with lots of vintage flair true to their style and taste. The barn we shot the below engagements in is actually the barn that the ceremony will be held in; and yes i. die. Isn't it so pretty?! And of course the day before and the day after our scheduled day for engagements it was sunny and warm and come photoshoot day and it was dreary and chilly and oh so damp! All was well though because, um hello look at the barn! The old Ford and the warm, rustic woods... gahhh! Plus, they were completely open to ideas for the session which was exciting for me! I don't like to typically do an overly styled session unless it is really tried and true to the couple, but in getting to know the couple prior to photo session day, I discovered that not only do they love vintage things, but they LOVE to read. They not only love to read, but Nick is attending university with the goal of becoming an English professor, so I thought the idea of using vintage classic books could be really fun and true to them. 

Thank you so much to my dear friend Claudia Ruiz for assisting me on this photo session! And thank you oh so much Nick and Hannah for the wonderfully fun day you let me have with you! I am so honored to be welcomed back into your special day of celebration; and man o man is it and are you going to be BEAUTIFUL! 


  1. This has to be one of my favorites of yours! Beautifully done Coz!


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